Nihil de Nobis, Sine Nobis

"Nothing About Us Without Us!" (Latin: "Nihil de nobis, sine nobis") is a phrase used to communicate the idea that no decisions should be made without the full and direct participation of those affected by that decision. The saying has its origins in Central European political traditions that helped establish Poland's 1505 constitutional legislation, Nihil novi, which first transferred governing authority from the monarch to the parliament. The term came into use in disability activism during the 1990s. Persons with disabilities should have a voice and a choice in decisions affecting their daily lives.

Voices & Choices as a discussion and support group grew out of the need for individuals with disabilities, families and friends to communicate and share information on the challenges and opportunities of daily living in the National Capital Region.

The concept of “Nihil de Nobis” is captured best on this short video entitled “A Credo for Support” that was shown at one of our Voices & Choices meetings.