Our Goals

That adults with disabilities would be able to:

  • Live meaningful lives in their own space.
  • Get the care that they need and want without discrimination and feeling vulnerable.
  • Direct their care seamlessly to meet their current needs.
  • Supported decision-making for those that are non-verbal or unable to easily indicate their wishes.

Supported Decision Making Means ...

  • They actively participate.
  • Their views are sought and considered.
  • They are surrounded by caring, knowledgeable, trustworthy people who can assist.
  • Their needs are the primary consideration, not those of staff or agencies.
  • The focus is on their abilities and wishes.
  • Their choices and options are considered.
  • Their tastes, preferences, motives, and ability to discriminate are taken seriously.
  • Their risks, failures, and mistakes are recognized as learning opportunities.