Providing Lifelong Supports in Community

Providing lifelong supports in community

While we all want a place to call home, for individuals with medical complex needs, finding a
supportive home can be challenging. Options are often limited to living in a healthcare setting
that feels more institutional than homey.

This is where PHSS is different. PHSS is a unique agency that provides 24/7 care for people in
community with highly complex medical needs. This allows them to live in their own home
instead of a hospital or clinical setting.
“We are here to help,” explains Brian Dunne, President and CEO at PHSS. “While we might be
new to the Ottawa area, we have been supporting families for over 30 years in communities
across Ontario.”

“We excel at supporting people in a community setting. At PHSS, we look to support the whole
person, not just their medical care. We are committed to engaging people in community to live
their best lives.”

With a focus on the individual, PHSS offers different types of support – in-home or in the
community. In-home involves staff working with the family to create a customized support
plan. Community support typically involves two people with complex medical needs sharing a
home in a typical neighbourhood, receiving 24/7 staffing support.
While both options allow more independence, they are dependent on funding.

Funding process

“We’re often asked how can PHSS offer support,” says Brian. “The funding process starts with
securing funds through the Ministry of Health - or MCCSS if your child has a developmental

The standard process is for families to connect with Home and Community Care to get a Care
Coordinator. The Care Coordinator will then explain the residential supports, submit an
application, and put the individual on a waitlist for funding. The waitlist, held through the
single point of access, can be lengthy. While you wait for 24/7 funding, your Care Coordinator
will determine if you are eligible for in-home supports. Advocacy is important and on-going
communication with your Care Coordinator is helpful to keep them up to date with your
current needs.

Once funding is established, families can then begin a conversation with PHSS on the support
needs and options. PHSS is always here to help and will work with families who don’t know
where to start, as the system can be complex to maneuver.

Lifelong care

“PHSS has a long history of providing wrap around care and support to individuals with highly
complex medical needs for their lifetime,” explains Brian. “We have always adapted our services to meet the changing needs of the individual. This allows individuals to grow
throughout their lifetime and take part in their communities and enjoy life with family and
friends. We will be there throughout their life journey.”

“We don’t have services we operate and then fill with people. Rather we start with the
individual and create the supports around them based on their unique needs. The supports and
accessibility needs of the house are always geared towards the people living there.”
If you are interested in learning more about PHSS’ customized approach to providing care to
people with highly complex medical needs, visit our website or call us at 519-660-6635. We are
here to help you find the care your loved one deserves.

Written by Donnie Antony, Executive Lead, New Opportunities and Directions.

Donnie completed his nursing education in India and his Post-Graduate Diploma in Nursing Management & Business Administration in the UK. He brings diverse work experiences in Health Care and Management from India, UK and Nepal. Donnie started at PHSS as a part-time staff in 2014 while completing the DSW program at Fanshawe College. He has worked at PHSS as a Care Coordinator for three years in both medically complex and intensive supports locations, and in 2018, he advanced into a senior leadership role where his work with families began. Donnie, along with his team, is leading the PHSS respite and in-home services to provide unique supports to families and their loved ones.

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  1. Donnie, we just wanted to say thanks again for such an informative blog. The Perks family toured the province visiting many supportive living agencies, and it was PHSS that impressed us the most in its approach, which you have captured nicely. Please continue working to increase your care services in Ottawa.

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